A Welfare Rights and Benefits Adviser from Manchester City Council has sessional appointments available for people living with HIV at George House Trust on Tuesday mornings.  The adviser can give information on general benefit entitlement and can help you to complete application and assessment forms for specific benefits.


Our Money and Debt adviser, Lee, will carry out a detailed assessment of your budget and help you make the most of your money.  This can include help on switching gas and electric companies to get a cheaper deal or getting a better deal on your phone.


Lee will also identify any benefits you are missing out on and help resolve benefit problems.  If you have debts, Lee can help take the stress out of dealing with your creditors, arrange affordable payment plans and apply for grants towards utility debts on your behalf.




Peer mentoring is form of mentorship that takes place between a person who has lived through a specific experience and a person who is new to that experience or requires additional support. It is a relationship based on mutual learning and growth, with the aim of supporting people to achieve a sense of control and empowerment. 





George House Trust's qualified volunteers provide counselling in a safe and confidential space for anyone using our services to talk about difficulties they may be experiencing in their lives, which they may feel unable to discuss with other services or friends and family.


Counselling can help in a variety of circumstances from relationship problems, bereavement, low self-esteem, isolation and loneliness to coming to terms with a HIV diagnosis.


A Services Adviser can offer you:


  • information about all aspects of living with HIV
  • specific support and advice around new diagnosis, starting treatment, disclosure and any other HIV-related issues
  • advocacy on your behalf to organisations or employers if you are facing problems because you are HIV positive
  • signposting to other organisations or groups that canl offer you specific support or information on  issues not directly related to HIV


At George House Trust we offer 1 to 1 services for everyone and as someone living with HIV, you can talk to an adviser on any issue that may concern you and they will advise, signpost or advocate on your behalf.


You may wish to discuss issues, concerns or experiences about:


  • Knowledge and understanding of HIV
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Managing sex and relationships
  • Social impact such as housing or financial hardship
  • Children
  • Self care
  • Employment
  • Any other matter


Living with HIV? Want to talk to us?
Call 0161 274 4499 or email: talk@ght.org.uk

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