Telling People

If you have just been diagnosed you might find that you want to tell someone straight away.  On the other hand, you may feel that you could never tell anyone, ever.

Telling someone you are living with HIV is most often referred to as disclosure.


If you feel you want to tell someone you have been diagnosed with HIV, be very sure of this, particularly early on.  Once you have disclosed to someone, you can’t ‘undisclose’ the information.  Don’t tell anyone when you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs as your judgement will be affected and you might regret the decision.  Always consider very carefully who you tell, and when you tell them.  There is no ‘right time’ to tell people and no urgency if you don’t want to.  The only exception might be if you need to tell your partner or children so that they can get tested.


Disclosure is a difficult decision for many people who speak to our advisers and we can discuss this important and very personal step with you.  We will help to support you in your choices.  Call us to book an appointment or do so quickly and securely online on a date and time to suit you.


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