1 to 1 services for everyone | George House Trust

George House Trust can offer you 1 to 1 advice on matters that may be affecting you right now or which you worry may affect you in the future.

We are currently able to offer one to one appointments as well as appointments by phone.


At George House Trust we offer 1 to 1 services for everyone and as someone living with HIV, you can talk to an adviser on any issue that may concern you and they will advise, signpost or advocate on your behalf.


You may wish to discuss issues, concerns or experiences about:


  • Knowledge and understanding of HIV
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Managing sex and relationships
  • Social impact such as housing or financial hardship
  • Children
  • Self care
  • Employment
  • Any other matter


Our advisers can also signpost you to other orgnaisations if you have a specific need, which may not be directly related to your  HIV health.


Living well with HIV is undoubtedly manageable, but it can also mean that you encounter a milestone in your life that needs some additional support.  It does not matter whether you are recently diagnosed or have been living with HIV for many years, book an appointment with an adviser to discuss those concerns that are important to you.


If it is more convenient to you, a telephone appointment could be arranged at a time suitable to you; or perhaps you would prefer a meeting via Skype.  Call us if you would like to discuss either of these alternative means of speaking with our advisers.


Living with HIV? Want to talk to us?
Call 0161 274 4499 or email: talk@ght.org.uk