Our counselling service is an essential addition to the support offered by the Services Team to people living with HIV


George House Trust's qualified volunteers provide counselling in a safe and confidential space for anyone using our services to talk about difficulties they may be experiencing in their lives, which they may feel unable to discuss with other services or friends and family.


Counselling can help in a variety of circumstances from relationship problems, bereavement, low self-esteem, isolation and loneliness to coming to terms with a HIV diagnosis.




There are two ways to access counselling.  You may be referred to the service by a George House Trust services adviser or you can complete the form below.  If you submit an application to the service using the form, we will contact you to discuss with you further before formally referring you to the service and we may need to arrange an initial appointment with an adviser beforehand.  If you have not accessed any George House Trust services before, we will always arrange an appointment for you to meet with an adviser before referral to the Counselling service.


Following an initial assessment, 12 counselling appointments will be offered.  It is important to attend these regularly and to let your counsellor or George House Trust know if you are unable to attend.  Appointments are offered both during the daytime and evening.  If you require a specific time, you may have to wait a little longer to be allocated a counsellor.  


For further information about the counselling service please contact Peter Boyle peterb@ght.org.uk



We take data security very seriously.  This site is secure and your data is encrypted.

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