Attending Clinic Appointments

It is very important to attend clinic appointments as often as your doctor decides.

During your clinic appointments you and your consultant will be able to discuss your health, as well as your HIV health, and you can be safe in the knowledge that you will begin treatment at the point at which it is best for you.



In the weeks and months following diagnosis this may be more often than usual, as your HIV consultant may need to perform a lot of tests and make further appointments to discuss the results of tests.  This is nothing to worry about unduly, it is just so that your HIV consultant can work out the best course of treatment and care depending on your individual circumstances.    You can then expect clinic appointments to go down to once every three months, and then once every six months.  Some people now only need to attend their appointment once every 12 months, but your consultant will explain what is right for you.


All HIV appointments and HIV treatments are provided by the NHS and are free regardless of immigration or financial circumstances.


A George House Trust adviser will talk to you about how confident you feel about attending clinic and how best to ask your HIV consultant about your treatment and care.  To book an appointment with an adviser, you can quickly and easily do so securely online or if you prefer, by telephone.



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