Changing Times for HIV

Since being discovered in the early 80s, our understanding of HIV has come a long way.

Although there is still no cure for HIV, treatments have developed to such an extent that by taking them, people can reduce the amount of HIV in their bodies to undetectable levels, which not only benefits their own health, but also means that the chances of passing on HIV to someone else during sex are in effect close to zero.



Although HIV has moved a long way medically, there are still many challenges faced following an HIV diagnosis. Stigma and discrimination continue to be an issue for people living with HIV. George House Trust is totally committed to challenging stigma against people living with HIV wherever it occurs.


George House Trust is here to support anybody living with HIV.  We are here to help and support you in the decisions you make and to do all we can to try and ensure that everyone living with HIV enjoys a full and healthy life.


Telephone or e mail us or book an appointment online if you would like to speak in confidence with one of our advisers.  We can arrange to speak with you over the telephone or via Skype if that is more convenient to you, so do get in touch.

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