You’ve Just Been Told That You’re HIV Positive - What's Next?

George House Trust can offer you help and support when you are first diagnosed, and you can access the services you need, when you need them.

You’ve just been told that you’re HIV positive – and your world probably feels like a very different place.


It may not feel like it right now, but it really is good that you now know that you’re living with HIV.


Knowing your HIV status means that you can start the treatment which will keep you well and healthy. HIV medication today – which is simple to take once a day for most people – is more effective than it’s ever been and will bring the virus under control in a short space of time.


People living with HIV and taking treatment regularly can expect to live as long as anyone else – and once you’ve started your treatment and it’s working well, you won’t be able to pass HIV to anyone else during sex. If you’re planning on becoming a parent, being HIV positive doesn’t mean that your children will be born with HIV.   


It may take some time for the news that you’ve just been given to sink in – this is perfectly normal. You will have lots of questions you’ll want answers to – this is perfectly normal too.


Your HIV nurse or doctor at your clinic will be able to answer all the medical questions you might have about HIV.


George House Trust, Greater Manchester’s HIV support organisation, can provide you with advice, information and support as well as counselling and Peer Mentoring – matching you with a trained volunteer who’s also living with HIV and can offer you support.


There’s no right or wrong way to feel after you’ve been told that you’re living with HIV – but, however you’re feeling, remember that it’s better to know.


There’s lots of support out there for you and you’re not alone. 


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