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Many people living with HIV are concerned about HIV and employment and any issues that may raise.  For the vast majority of jobs, there is no requirement that means you must tell your employer about your HIV diagnosis.  If you are worried about your confidentiality being breached, or being treated differently, then you may want to consider this carefully, but employers do have a responsibility to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ (for example, time off for clinic appointments) under the law.  People with HIV and who disclose their HIV status are protected under the Equality Act 2010.

Some people have been prosecuted for passing on HIV.  Under the law, this is referred to as Reckless Transmission.


Reckless Transmission is when someone did not try to prevent HIV from being transmitted.  It does not mean that they did it deliberately.


The law is broken if:


Telling someone you are living with HIV is most often referred to as disclosure.


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