Covid Risk and Vaccine Updates 12 May 2021


Getting a COVID vaccine

Most COVID vaccines will be arranged via primary care. For people not registered with a GP, or those who have not disclosed their HIV status, HIV clinics in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England can refer directly to vaccine hubs. It may take a while for individual clinics to get the necessary pathways arranged, and numbers may be limited, but patients should contact their clinic for more information if they are unable to access the vaccine through their GP. Some HIV services are offering vaccines within the HIV clinic so people should be advised to check with their local service.


Currently in the Republic of Ireland vaccines can only be accessed via GPs. We will update this information as required and a summary of current practice in each country is in the table below (Appendix 1.)


Central vaccine databases will not include medical information, just basic details and the date a vaccine is given.


People without an NHS number should be able to access vaccines.


You can read more here.

Wednesday, 12 May, 2021

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