As we celebrate our emergence from the lockdown, we are glad to relaunch the African Men's Calabash project.


Calabash is an initiative designed to engage African men in a support group at George House Trust and provide them relevant and appropriate support to live healthy and happy lives. 


Monthly sessions will be held where African men will benefit from different kinds oif support, including HIV-related, interpersonal, economic, learning and answers to deep-seated and burning questions. 


This time, we have decided to make it more exciting and dynamic with empowering activities, social events, health and wellbeing sessions, indoor and outdoor activities skills-based training and opportunities to build your skills and confidence with volunteering opportunities. 


You can read more about our relaunch event on Wednesday May 26th and register here.


You can contact Jeff Ukiri, the project co-ordinator, by emailing him or calling 0161 274 4499

Monday, 17 May, 2021

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