George House Trust operates its own Welfare Fund.  This fund is open to applications from anyone known to George House Trust.

George House Trust operates its own Welfare Fund.  This fund is open to applications from anyone known to George House Trust.


There is a limited amount of money available each month in the fund and we can only consider applications where it is clear that the item requested will contribute to your health and wellbeing.


Items you can apply for include:


  • Beds & mattresses
  • White Goods (cooker, washing machine, fridge etc.)
  • Clothing
  • Bedding
  • Other items that will benefit your health or relieve need
  • Help with utility bills



1. The form should be completed in full.  We will not be able to consider your application if you do not answer all the relevant questions.

2. Your application should include as much relevant supporting information as possible about why you need the item(s) you are requesting.  This will assist the panel to make a decision about whether or not your application can be granted.  Please complete all of the 'personal details’ questions.

3. Items granted by the panel from the 'Section 1' section are supplied as goods only.  This means that we will not award cash, but will arrange for the item to be delivered to your home.

4. You can make an application for more than one item however it is unlikely that we will be able to grant all items.



1. If you are living with HIV and living in the North West and have not contacted George House Trust before you must book an appointment with an adviser before applying to the Welfare Fund.

2. We cannot pay for ordinary living expenses from the Welfare Fund, your application must be for a specific item.

3. Unless the child is living with HIV, we are sorry, but we cannot pay for children's school uniforms, toys or activities.

4. The maximum value of grants, other than white goods, in any one year from April to March is £150.

5. If you are granted an item(s) from the fund you cannot reapply for other items for another 6 months.

6. For reasons of safety, gas and electric cookers will be professionally installed.  We will not grant these items without installation.  In some cases, we may arrange installation of washing machines.



1. The Welfare Panel meets each month to look at the applications.

2. When you submit the form, you will see a confirmation message of the date of the next Welfare Panel meeting.

3. We will contact you to let you know the outcome of your application and tell you about the arrangements for payment.



We take data security very seriously.  This site is secure and your data is encrypted.

GHT Welfare Fund Application

Your Details
Your Budget

Why do we need to know this?


Each month we receive more applications than we can help with.  We have a duty to ensure that money available from the Welfare Fund is distributed fairly.  Although we do not make grant decisions based solely on your income, it does help us to know the weekly income of everyone who applies.  This helps us to prioritise applications when we are over subscribed.  We review all applications to decide whether you may be eligible to apply to any other grant making organisations and we will let you know if this is the case.


Section 1
These items are supplied as goods.
Section 2
Section 3
Where you have made an application for more than one item, please select from the 'Priority Item' menu the number of the item you most need.

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