Robert's Story - Part 4

Black History Month 2021


Robert is a volunteer at George House Trust and has written a four-part blog for Black History Month 2021. Here is part 4......


I believe things are getting somewhat better in the United Kingdom but racism is still alive and kicking.


Our politicians need to step up to the plate and lead by example especially those in senior positions.


We also need schools to practice what they preach and not just pay lip service to racism. Schools need to start teaching black history and not just British and European history. The Anglican and Catholic Churches need to speak up and stand up for those from foreign lands. In the football world, it is obvious that there is still a far way to go judging by the recent spate of racist tweets aimed at our black football players.


To my black brothers and sisters I would like to say that if you are ever challenged as to why you are here and not back in your own country always remember the words of my Sociologist Lecturer at University.


He used to say “tell them, you are here because they were there”.


In other words when you think how our colonies in the West Indies, Africa and Asia were plundered and the profits from slavery, sugar and various minerals were used to build many of these big buildings we see today in Bristol, Liverpool, London and other cities, then we have every right to be here!


In closing, perhaps a day will come when we will feel that there is no need to have a “Black History Month” but I dare say this is a long way off.


It’s not just the black children who need to know more about their roots and their ancestry but children of other races should also know too, so as to avoid perpetuating further stereo-type views in the future.


Perhaps some of us are too embarrassed to talk about slavery and wish to forget that it ever happened.


It is important to remember the words of Malcolm X, “Our history did not begin in chains”.



Black History Month Celebration Event

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16th October 2021


Saturday, 16 October, 2021

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