3rd Party Grants

George House Trust can make applications to agencies and other charities on your behalf if you are in financial hardship

There are a number of other organisations and charities we can apply to who can help with grants if you are in financial hardship.  They may be able to make grants for specilaist euipment, such as an orthpaedic bed, or for baby equipment.  These organisations have different qualifying criteria and thresholds for support will vary.  Not everyone will be eligible to make an application to all organisations.


The Terrence Higgins Trust Hardship Fund is one organisation we can make grant applications to.  There are strict rules about who can apply to the fund based on your weekly income.  Please note that there is a lifetime limit of £450 and if you have already reached this we would not be able to apply to this fund again.



If you are experiencing financial hardship, you can book an appointment online, or by phone, with a services adviser who may be able to identify some financial or material assistance.  You may then be referred to one of our Advice Support Volunteers who will assist you to make the application.  Alternatively, you may be referred to Lee, our money and debt adviser, who may be able offer support with benefits and negotiate with creditors on your behalf to reduce or manage a debt burden.

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