Some time ago we were made aware of two cases in Greater Manchester where tattoos were refused to people living with HIV. 


Whilst we acknowledge that there will be many tattooists who would not, and do not, discriminate against people living with HIV, the two instances of which we were made aware were very concerning.


Consequently, we have been advocating over the last twelve months with each of the ten Greater Manchester Local Authorities to ensure that there are no repeats of the discrimination reported to us.


Steph Mallas, George House Trust CEO said:

"We are delighted that, as a result of our persistent and determined lobbying, every licensed tattooist in Greater Manchester has now received a letter from their relevant Local Authority advising them that to refuse to tattoo someone solely on the basis that the person is living with HIV would be in breach of the Equality Act 2010".

Living with HIV is not a reason to refuse to tattoo someone. 


If you are living with HIV and request a tattoo, you may be asked about your general health by the tattooist – this is standard practise and allows you and the tattooist to make a decision together about whether to proceed.


However, you should not be refused a tattoo based solely on the fact that you are living with HIV. 


If you experience HIV discrimination from a tattooist please let us know. 


We’re grateful for the support of the Local Authorities across Greater Manchester who agreed to contact their licensed tattooists -   a fantastic result achieved through working together to challenge HIV stigma and discrimination    

Tuesday, 19 February, 2019





Researchers at Kings College London want to hear from people who are living with HIV and are in pain in order to help design ways to support people better manage physical health.


They want to know how people living with HIV currently manage pain and how health services can provide support.


If you are interested in taking part in the research contact Venetia.baker@kcl.ac.uk or call 0207 848 5358


Participants will receive a £25 voucher for taking part.   


Tuesday, 12 February, 2019




We are pleased to announce that LGBT Foundation will be delivering monthly Substance Misuse Support sessions at George House Trust.


The idea behind offering these sessions is to improve access to support for drug and alcohol misuse for LGBT service users.  The session will involve an initial assessment followed by a discussion about the ongoing support options available. 


If you have concerns about your alcohol, drugs or chems use and you would like to book a session please contact a Services Adviser on 0161 274 4499 or email Martin


Please note that the sessions are open to service users who identify as LGBT and who have a Manchester Local Authority address, or whose GP is based in the city.

Friday, 1 February, 2019

Living with HIV? Want to talk to us?
Call 0161 274 4499 or email: talk@ght.org.uk

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