Jasper's Rainbow Cakes

Jasper's Rainbow Cakes

Last year, a little boy called Jasper made a big difference to the lives of people living with HIV.


He smashed through a target of £150 to raise an incredible £644 for George House Trust’s HIV support, advice and advocacy services. We spoke to his mum Danielle about his Rainbow Cake Fundraiser.


“Baking is something Jasper has always enjoyed doing and he really wanted to support George House Trust and people living with HIV as we (his mums Danielle and Adele) have always advocated for this cause, we are LGBTQI activists and have been involved in numerous Prides over the years.”


“So, when we asked him if he’d like to bake cakes to help people, he said “YES!”


“Our favourite memory was how excited we all were when Jasper baked his first batch of cakes – he was only two years old so we did help him a bit, however Jasper was definitely the CEO of the project and was happy to be paid in chocolate chips!”


“We did 24 cakes initially and I remember him excitedly making the rainbow buttercream and icing it all so carefully. We sold all 24, then Jasper came up with another rainbow theme and we just kept selling them!”


“The plan was to raise about £30, we took them into work and before we knew it, people were asking for a JustGiving link and how they could donate more than the price of a cake.”


“We spoke to so many people who were genuinely interested in George House Trust and the impact its work has inspiring people living with HIV to live healthy confident lives. We’re just pleased to be able to help.”


Huge thanks to Jasper and his mums Danielle and Adele, you are all HIV heroes and heroines!


If you would like to fundraise for George House Trust, there's plenty of ideas here. If you have an idea of your own, tell us about it!





Friday, 18 February, 2022

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