Knowing your HIV status puts you in control of your health and means you can
access the medical treatment and support you need to stay well.


Know your status



With early diagnosis, treatment and healthcare, people living with HIV can expect a relatively normal life expectancy. George House Trust strongly believes that everyone should be aware of their own HIV status and advocates that anyone who is sexually active should test regularly for HIV. HIV testing is free and confidential. You can take a test at your local sexual health clinic. Testing may also be available from voluntary organisations in your area.


The most common form of HIV test is a blood test, in which a small amount of blood is taken and tested. It can take between three weeks and three months after you have been infected with HIV for the virus to show up in testing. If your most recent risk of getting HIV was within the last three months you can test straight away, but you will be advised to have another one a few weeks later. We understand that taking a HIV test might be stressful. However, it is far better to know your HIV status so that you can be monitored and receive treatment when you need it. If you do receive a positive result, George House Trust is here to provide you with the support you need. We will be able to talk with you about your diagnosis and will be able to help you understand what living with HIV might mean for you. You can find out more information about our services at: or by calling us on: 0161 274 4499


You can take an HIV test at the following locations in Manchester:


Click here to find a list of testing clinics in Greater Manchester and their contact details. George House Trust believes that everyone should know their HIV status.

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