We can supply condoms in the post to anyone living with HIV in the North West of England who is already known to George House Trust. 

The Condoms in the Post Scheme provides condoms to anyone living with HIV in the North West of England, who is already known to George House Trust.


Condoms are one of the most effective means of protection against HIV.   Condoms can stop sexual body fluids (cum, pre-ejaculatory fluid or anal mucus) from coming into contact with the partner, particularly during anal sex.  Condoms can also protect against other sexually transmitted infections.  It is important to remember that condoms should be used with water-based lube.  It should be noted that condoms do not offer 100% protection as there is the possibility of tearing the condom or of it coming off.  Use the correct size condom and follow the usage instructions.


Condoms in the post are sent in plain unmarked packaging so they cannot be identified as originating from George House Trust.  All condoms supplied are from reputable suppliers, conform to both BSI (British Kitemark) and CE (European) standards and can be supplied with lube upon request.  We have a variety of condoms available in different sizes, and also in latex-free versions.  Female condoms are also available.


Alternatively, George House Trust keeps a wide variety of condoms in stock on the premises for service users to freely take.



If you have any questions about the service, or if you wish to access the service but have not been to George House Trust before please either book an appointment online, which is quick and secure to do, or alternatively telephone us to make an appointment.



We take data security very seriously.  This site is secure and your data is encrypted.

Condoms in the Post

Sorry but we are only able to provide condoms for people who are living with HIV.

Sorry but we are only able to provide condoms for people who are living in the NW of England

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Lube is sent with all orders and is selected by default. You can select a maximum of two further varieties.
Safer Sex Pack

Safer Sex Packs are provided by the LGBT Foundation for men who have sex with men.  Each pack contains two medium condoms and two packs of lube.  They also have information about STIs and how to use condoms and lube safely.  Because they are provided for both HIV positive and negative men, messages can be more general, in other words, not solely intended to be read by people living with HIV. 


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